To begin with, we recommend that you call and pre-schedule an appointment. 

  1. Our administrator will offer you to fill out a number of necessary and important documents for us and will get your personal medical card. The card fixes your consent to the processing of personal data.
  2. In the office you will need to remove all metal objects and jewelry in the area of the head and neck (barrettes, earrings, removable denture, piercing, chains, glasses, auditory prosthesis). The assistant will put on you a protective apron and fix your head in the right position. Scanning of the maxillofacial area by a computer tomograph takes 14 seconds, at which time the assistant will be in the adjacent room.
  3. The main thing - during the computer tomography can not move and swallow. Your immobility - the guarantee of a quality picture.
  4. After that you can wait for the processing and recording of the survey on a CD-ROM. The waiting will take 10-15 minutes.
Общественное объединение «Республиканская ассоциация инвалидов- колясочников» (ОО «РАИК»)