Implantation Planning - accurate measurement of height and width of the alveolar bone in the proposed transaction.

implantaziya 1(1) 2


Diagnosis of inflammatory changes of bone tissue in the apical area of the teeth.

Assessment of quality of filling root canals.

Determination of the number of roots and root canals.

endodontiya 2 endodontiya 1


Assessment of severity for diseases of the gums (periodontitis).

parodontologiya 1 parodontologiya 2
Orthodontics, dental surgery:

Determination of the position of impacted teeth and dystopic.

hirurgiya 1 7


Diagnosis of various diseases of the temporomandibular joints.

gnatologiya 1 gnatologiya 2

Children's age, orthodontics:

Diagnosis of congenital malformations dentition.

ortodontiya 1 3

Dental Surgery:

Diagnosis and evaluation of fractures of the roots of teeth.

8.1 6

Maxillofacial Surgery:

Diagnosis and evaluation of fractures of the maxillofacial region (the middle and lower areas of the face).

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ENT-diagnostics (Otolaryngology):

Diagnosis of inflammatory diseases and tumors of the paranasal sinuses (including maxillary sinuses).

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