"Direct telephone lines" are held by the chief physician and deputy chief physician in order to explain to citizens and legal entities issues within their competence or on a preplanned topic, due to its relevance.

Schedule of "direct telephone lines" by the head of the administration, deputy heads of the administration, manager of the affairs of the district administration for the first half of 2022


The schedule of "direct telephone lines" of the establishment of health care "7th city dental polyclinic" for the 2022

Position, Full name   The date of the event Time spending Telephone number
Head Physician
Neden Valery Cheslavovich   
15.03.2022 10.00-12.00  +375 17 356-32-26
12.04.2022 15.00-16.00 
09.08.2022 10.00-11.00
18.10.2022 15.00-16.00
Deputy Chief
Kaskevich Yadviga Frantsevna   
 16.02.2022 15.00-16.00 +375 17 351-87-29
 27.04.2022 10.00-11.00
27.09.2022 15.00-16.00
22.11.2022 10.00-11.00
Общественное объединение «Республиканская ассоциация инвалидов- колясочников» (ОО «РАИК»)