Why can not I get an outpatient card in my arms?

According to the document of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus "On questions of informing patients about their state of health" of 31.07.2009. No. 02-3-10 / 738-355 of Article 25 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On the National Archive Fund and Archives in the Republic of Belarus" it is established that an enterprise, institutions and organizations, regardless of ownership, are obliged to comply with the standards and requirements for the procedure for working with Documents, their processing, movement and storage.

Outpatient cards (as well as cards of a stationary patient) are the property of the health care organization, forms of statistical reporting (form No. 025 / у-07 "Medical outpatient card" was approved by order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus from August 30, 2007 No. 710, form No. 003 / y-07 "Medical card of the inpatient" was approved by the order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus of October 1, 2007 No. 792), which are filled by doctors, medical personnel, using medical terms and symbols, abbreviations, etc., understandable for medical specialists and may not be misunderstood Specialists in the field of health.

The medical card of an outpatient is stored in the registry of an outpatient healthcare organization, the patient's medical records are kept in the archives of a stationary health care organization and can not be handed out to patients.

In addition, in accordance with paragraph 60 of the list of administrative procedures carried out by state organizations and other state bodies upon application of citizens, Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of 16 March 2006 No. 152, the issuance of information from medical records is an administrative procedure and is provided in the form of an extract.

If necessary, the patient or his legal representative can get acquainted with his medical out-patient (form No. 025 / у-07) or medical stationary (form No. 003 / у-07) patient cards in the organization of public health services, in the presence of medical workers, Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of April 26, 2010. No. 200 "On Administrative Procedures Implemented by State Bodies and Other Organizations on Statements", Ch. 7, p.7.9. The patient, upon presentation of a passport or other document, from an authentic person, upon request, may receive an extract from medical documents within 5 days from the date of application."


Hello. Tell me please, is it possible to pay by bank card?

Good day, yes, it's possible to pay by bank card.


Can I do full anesthesia during treatment?

Hello. In our clinic, treatment under anesthesia (complete anesthesia) is not performed.Здравствуйте.


How long will an X-ray be prepared?

Hello. It all depends on what particular picture you are taking, the dental and panoramic image will be ready in a few minutes, and the 3-D snapshot in 10-15 minutes.


How much you can not eat after tooth treatment?

If you put a photopolymer composite, then you can eat right away, exclude only on this day, food and drinks with coloring pigments (beets, blueberries, black coffee, strong tea, red wine, etc.). If you have a temporary filling or a seal that hardens gradually - it is better not to eat for 2 hours.

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