Pediatric dentistry


One of the basic medical disciplines, integrates dentistry and pediatrics includes prophylaxis (cleaning rules, hygiene, remineralizing paste), diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the teeth, mouth, dental-maxilla apparatus in children and adolescents. Pediatric dentistry is a relatively young and highly complex clinical direction.

Pediatric dentist. Doctors of this specialization are long vocational training and they are referred to the elite dental professionals. The object of the treatment and prevention are changing and growing deciduous and permanent teeth, the formation of dentition, specific diseases of the mouth, frequent dental trauma, treatment of primary teeth in children (under which - easily sensitive to mechanical stress rudiments of permanent) and much more. In addition - anatomical and physiological characteristics of children, immaturity of the immune defense, the specific psychology of childhood.


Each pediatric dentist working in the clinic, we will ensure that when you visit the child will receive not only quality medical care, but also the joy of communicating with the doctors who will be his true friends and helpers. Our primary goal is to establish trust between child contact a dentist and a little patient, which we carry out work on the psychological adaptation to immediate treatment. As a result, the child ceases to be afraid of the dentist and does all of its recommendations on dental care, treatment and prevention of dental diseases.

In order to the interest and don't scare children, we have developed a comprehensive system of diversionary measures that allow your child to forget that he is in a medical facility.



A full range of dental services for children

The clinic provides the performance of a full spectrum of diagnosis and subsequent treatment of primary teeth of children, as well as the prevention of diseases such as caries deciduous and permanent teeth, pulp, stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis and other pathological conditions of the gums. Pediatric dentist also provides first aid for injuries of teeth and is engaged in the future of their treatment and restoration.

If necessary, the removal is carried out as primary and permanent teeth. Experienced orthodontists deal Malocclusion and other dentofacial anomalies, in particular, using the children's braces. Also in the clinic made of plastic bridles and other surgical procedures.

Treatment of primary teeth without pain and tears

All medicines and equipment used in pediatric dentistry have been developed specifically for the treatment of primary teeth in children and permanent teeth in adolescents, so here ensures maximum efficiency of procedures, which is ideally complemented skill dentists are not only excellent professionals, but also a subtle psychologist.

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All pediatric dentists working for us are real professionals. They have specialized education and ongoing training, visiting various reputable conferences, seminars and symposia on dentistry, including international. In addition, our doctors specialize in the treatment of dental range of diseases in children and is fluent in the appropriate equipment, tools and methodologies. Knowledge of child psychology helps professionals pediatric dentistry to find an approach to each child completely, freeing it from the fear and other negative emotions.


-How Often you need to visit the children's dentist?

-On This score in dentistry for children is the "golden rule", which states that a child must be put to the dentist once every three months, or, in other words, four times a year.

Why so often?

-Kids are developing much faster than adults, this also applies to the formation of teeth, and the speed of the spread of disease. Baby teeth are much more susceptible to caries than permanent, it will confirm any child dentist. Regular visits to pediatric dentistry in Minsk will allow you to prevent oral diseases in children and build their snow-white, flat, happy smile.

-And what if you can not prevent?

-Also it can be that prevent disease failed despite all the preventive measures taken by the parents and the children's dentist. Then it's the right decision - as soon as possible to begin treatment and experienced dentist will transform the treatment process into an exciting game for the kid.

-What is it possible to children's dentistry without pain?


-Our Clinic responsibly replies possible! And this answer is based not only on the vast experience of clinical experts, but also on the effective arsenal used their reliable and safe for the treatment of teeth in children.

-How much is it?

- "It is easier to prevent than to treat" - perhaps this rule adheres to any branch of medicine, including pediatric dentistry. Prices of treatment in our polyclinic are available to everyone, because the task of our doctors to avoid the need for complex
(And expensive) medical procedures.

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