Radiovisiograph use in dentistry

The key to solving any problems related to health, is accurate diagnosis. Dental diseases are no exception. Modern dentistry is very difficult to imagine without radiographic equipment, because high-quality dental treatment is impossible without its use. One of these modern technical devices is radiovisiograph role in the treatment of teeth which simply can not be overestimated.

rentgen zubovRadiography – it is a modern dental health diagnosis method for digital X-ray equipment. It allows you to quickly get a picture of the teeth in a larger size of high quality, which allows to avoid possible errors in diagnosis, improve information content of the study, to evaluate the structure of the teeth, the value and volume of defects to identify possible sites of inflammation. Thus, it is possible to learn about the state of the dentin, which is under seal and diagnose secondary caries, various traumatic changes, and successfully control the quality produced by the treatment.

Radiovisiography is by far the most popular and modern methods of diagnosis of any dental disease. The main advantage of this method of diagnosis can be considered the fact that it is completely painless and safe, and therefore it can be used in all situations. RAY itself damages may bring no more than a digital camera or scanner office because it assumes radiation. RAY consists of three parts - a sensor, an analog-digital converter and a cord that connects them.

Unlike conventional radiography with X-rays radiovisiography not fall on the film and on the sensor consisting of a plurality of detectors. As a result of radiation exposure in each detector, there is a certain amount of charge. Gradually interrogating detectors, computer gathers information on all areas of the sensor and forms an image on the monitor screen.


Research using radiovisiograph - is a novelty not only for the dentist, but also an incredible convenience for the patient. In fact, the usual X-ray device emits quite a huge amount of harmful rays to the human body, in contrast to such a device which reduces the number of beams to a minimum. Often the dentist is faced with a situation where a dental problem is so serious and deep that one picture x-ray machine is simply not enough. In such cases radiovisiograph would satisfy the required number of images and wherein each image to receive in bulk form. With this system, any, even the most dangerous and at the same time imperceptible dental disease is easy to diagnose, and therefore - and treatment.

And so, we summarize the main advantages of computer radiovisiography when used in the dental practice:

suniray2 sistema kompyuternoy radioviziografii 504-600x600

Application radiovisiograph eliminates the photolab process. Radioviziograficheskoe image appears on the screen after a few seconds after exposure. Just a few seconds you need to optimize the picture quality. Excluded film developing steps, which provides a very fast image acquisition and eliminates the need for working with chemicals, including their removes the problem of disposal.

• minimum radiation exposure to the patient (by 90-95% compared with traditional film radiography). Modern detectors radiovisiograph as about 20 times more sensitive to X-rays than a conventional film.

• Viewing RVG-digital image is performed on the PC monitor that enables collaboration of several specialists. Options allow you to program directly on the screen to carry out the measurement and treatment plan using a graphical editor. Computer processing of the image allows the physician to obtain all the necessary information, analyze it in the presence of the patient and chart the course of further treatment.

• Modern sensors have a resolution of much higher than that of the film. In this regard, the presence of high quality made RVG-shot eliminates the extra refinement of dental images, because you can zoom in and identify any piece without losing quality ive if necessary to determine tissue density and bone to reveal raised ridges, as well as many other things that you may need for diagnosis.

• Diagnostic equipment sufficiently mobile, its placement in close proximity to the dental unit provide additional comfort for the patient and the doctor.

• The image in the primary or modified form can be stored in computer memory that allows you to create a database of all patients, to compare previous studies incorporated in the computer. Also there is a possibility of additional software processing the images obtained.

• A digital image allows you to duplicate images in unlimited quantities. Digital radiographs can be edited for the best visual perception of the image.

rentgenovskij snimok zuba 1

When choosing radiovisiograph at the forefront of its technical characteristics, the reputation and experience of the manufacturer. Only the world's largest producers, have qualified personnel, scientific and research base and holds the patent for the production of parts and components, can produce a quality product that meets the requirements of the latest generation. That is why our dental clinic the choice was made on the leading developer and manufacturer of x-ray equipment and radioviziograficheskogo.

Nowadays, the use of high-tech radiovisiograph in modern dentistry is considered a prerequisite for the provision of quality dental services. In most cases, X-, due to the high accuracy images and as a result, high-precision diagnosis avoids many complications and problems of unpleasant for the patient. Therefore, our experts use Radiovisiography as diagnostic stage and in the quality control of treatment. Completely safe for patients, it allows doctors to treat teeth with a guaranteed result.

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