Orthopedic dentistry

Orthopedic dentistry - science with centuries of history.1449679973 ortopedicheskaja stomatologija 2

Prosthodontics deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of integrity dentition. The main direction in which the work orthopedists in our dental clinic in Minsk is prosthetics and tooth restoration. Questions that helps solve the prosthetic dentistry have been relevant for many centuries ago, as evidenced by the results of excavations and research.

As it formed a separate science only in the late 19th century and is now the most important area in dentistry. In addition, the recent human teeth beauty is of considerable importance and give it more attention. In Minsk, our dental clinic is one of the leading, and in relation to prosthetic dentistry, our specialists apart from the competition, thanks to the professionalism and experience, as well as continuous updating of equipment, the latest technology and methods of treatment.

t-scan-dentures 0Dental Prosthesis

Man, partially lost one or more teeth for any reason, or dissatisfied with his appearance or form, probably wonders about the possibility of its recovery and restoration. You all know the fact that the adult will not grow new teeth as nails or hair. Teeth are given once and for all life. That is why dentists are urging patients not to neglect the elementary rules of hygiene of teeth and oral cavity, regular preventive visits to dental offices and take good care of their teeth.

To lose a healthy tooth still need to work hard. This occurs typically after prolonged advanced disease, which led to its inability to maintain or loss of its parts upon impact due to aging changes or the lack of calcium in the body. If part of the tooth and its root remained, then you can restore it with the help of non-removable prosthesis, ie the manufacture and installation of the crown. Also practiced clasp and removable prosthesis, which made for a special design. All these types of prosthetics and dental restoration using modern technologies and materials available in our dental clinic in Minsk anyone who really cares about their health and beauty.

4Materials for prosthetics and restoration of the dentition

More 20 years ago, dentistry could not boast such a variety of material that exists in our time. Now For crowns are used not only metal, as before, but also ceramics and its variants. These materials have led to the restoration of the teeth a more natural, and its results are striking in their views.

Now metal is almost never used for making crowns. He outlived itself for one simple reason: alternative materials look much more natural. The prosthetic dentistry it is used as a frame for a crown, which is covered on top of porcelain. These bits are used to a greater degree posterior teeth as they are strong enough, and is recommended only for front ceramics.


Ceramic crowns are made entirely of ceramic, without using metal. They are not as durable as metal ceramic, but the front teeth, which do not have such a load in the chewing process is long, this strength is sufficient. Used for these porcelain and zirconium hardly distinguishable from tooth enamel, especially when color is chosen correctly. Moreover, new technologies allow production of these materials bridges from teeth.

Some people are contraindicated or non-removable prosthetic dentition state excludes its possibility, but they have a great alternative - removable dentures. They are also made of different materials. Traditional clasp dentures are among the most affordable and despite its certain shortcomings continue to be in demand.


Every year more and more popular soft prosthesis which is made of nylon or polyurethane. Such prostheses come to the aid of people who have left little teeth or their status does not allow to put crowns or bridges. Benefits of soft dentures is that they look the most natural, not whimsical care, do not cause allergies, easy to use and able to fully assume the functions of the full dentition.

With the loss of teeth or parts of a person does not feel quite full. To a large extent this is due to the aesthetic aspect of the problem, when it comes to the front teeth, and the functionality and capabilities of the normal consumption of food, if there is a problem with chewing teeth. The modern world requires a person if you are not a Hollywood smile, or at least attractive and healthy teeth. Some lucky by nature to receive such teeth, and care enough for them properly to maintain their health and attractiveness. But this happens very rarely, and statistics show that most people have problems with their teeth.

In some cases, deficiencies can be barely noticeable, in others they are very clear. Dentists of our clinic, which is considered one of the best in Minsk, offering a full range of orthopedic dentistry. Professional individual approach to each patient to ensure the effectiveness of treatment and long-lasting results after dental restoration. Be nice beautiful and healthy double pleasure. Be healthy and often smile!

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