Therapeutic dentistry

Therapeutic dentistry is engaged in treatment of dental caries and its complications (pulpitis, periodontitis). This is one of the main sections of dentistry, which is the basis for the further treatment of other oral problems.

Modern methods of preventive dentistry, in particular, depoforez imply not only the elimination of the pathological process, existing in the tooth, but also restoration of destroyed dental tissue. The active application in the dental practice of local anesthesia allows you to forget about the pain, significantly reduce the time of treatment the teeth and the number of visits to the dentist.

terapevticheskaya stomatologiyaDental caries - this is the most common disease of hard tissues of the tooth, which is manifested in the destruction of tooth enamel and dentin. Treatment of caries at an early stage, when there is a damage to the tooth enamel, is quick and easy. If the damage reaches the dentin, tooth decay is accelerated (average caries stage) and finally goes to the extreme step - deep caries (the treatment which often requires tooth restoration). After the destruction of the hard tissues of the tooth (enamel and dentin) develops pulpit (first complication of tooth decay). 

Pulpitis - an inflammation of the dental pulp, caused by an infection that reaches the pulp of the tooth with untreated deep caries. Symptom pulpit - long in the tooth pain, aggravated by eating or at night. Untreated pulpitis quickly turns into periodontitis. When pulpitis marked tooth sensitivity to temperature and other stimuli. dental hypersensitivity treatment is carried out by electrophoresis or depoforeza lidocaine or trimekaina on the area transition folds corresponding half jaw.

Periodontitis - an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tip of the tooth. Symptoms of periodontitis - a sense of "growing up" the tooth, pain, aggravated by biting on the tooth.

Treatment of pulpitis and periodontitis is performed under anesthesia, as performed quite painful removal of tooth nerves, processing and filling root canals, restore the shape and function of the tooth. Tooth filling is the final stage of the complex restorative dentistry procedures.


Therapeutic services:

  1. Treatment of caries and non-carious lesions with the use of modern equipment and filling materials.
  2. Aesthetic restoration (viniriny, komponiry).
  3. Recovery and anatomic form of the teeth function using fiberglass pins.
  4. Treatment of dental caries in complicated channels using ultrasonic endodontic tip, root canal filling with cold or hot gutta-percha.
  5. Implementation of occupational health with the help of ultrasound and apparatus "Profifleks".
  6. Treatment of diseases of the marginal periodontal using laser technology and device "Vector".
  7. Splinting of mobile teeth with modern materials.​
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